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Minds In Action

Minds In Action

Minds in Action is a fair match maker between sales & marketing business needs and freelance professionals.

We provide no-nonsense, pragmatic solutions for your specific sales and marketing needs. Our professional services include interim and project management.

Excellent people, with the relevant experience and profile to add value from the first moment, are linked to ad-hoc needs from large and medium-sized organisations.

We have access to a large and growing network of professionals and what unifies us is our belief in the power of people, the intellectual curiosity to solve customer-oriented problems and, most importantly, a firmly held set of shared values – transparency, integrity and fairness.


Minds in Action was originally founded in 2010 and was reignited in 2014 by Karl De Beul, Véronique Renier and Tom Maerten. Together they bring:

  • a strong expertise and network in sales & marketing in multiple markets and companies
  • over 20 years of experience in project and interim management through Maerten & Partners
  • an established customer base of large, medium-sized and even small companies with whom Maerten & Partners has build win-win relationships over the last years

We are young entrepreneurs with a proven track record in corporate life and a desire to make a difference. But above all, we are like-minded human beings with a family life and a strong belief that doing business must be fun


Tom Maerten

Tom Maerten founded Maerten & Partners in 2007 after having worked as a project and interim manager for about 14 years. He combines experience in management consulting with real-life project delivery and change implementation. We call it execution power.

His areas of expertise are project & program management, organisation and project design, business transformation, process improvement, change management and business development.

To Minds in Action, he brings a network of satisfied Maerten & Partners customers and a decade of experience in matching the best Interim Managers to the needs of demanding customers.

After three years at Nautical College, he attained a Master’s degree in Applied Economics and an MBA.

Véronique Renier

Véronique joined Maerten & Partners in 2010, where she was vital to make this a credible player in the interim and project management market recognized for its quality and fairness.

She has a proven track record of delivering outstanding business growth, establishing strategic customer relationships in different markets and distribution channels (mass retail, affiliates and distributors). She understands the need to respond quickly to highly demanding customers in a challenging environment.

In a previous life, Véronique worked in the telecommunications & IT industry for over ten years. Here she has gained international B2C and B2B commercial experience.

Véronique has a degree in Business Translation & Interpreter. She spent the best half year of her life studying at the University of Derby for an international Erasmus year.

She has a passion for languages, wining & dining and spending time with her family and friends.

Sales & Marketing expertise with interim management credibility

Services & Expertices

Interim Management

If you are facing a (temporary) shortage of sales or marketing personnel, Minds in Action can keep your targets on track through our line of interim management services.

We can instantly fill a resource gap in your organisation by providing you with the very best experts available. This is a temporary solution, but one that you will not regret.

Our network consists of mid- to senior-level sales and marketing experts. Each has a proven track record in several companies across a range of industries, combining in-depth practical know-how with excellent results in a variety of fields.

We get the best from our seasoned freelance professionals in order to provide our clients with the very best solutions. We provide our experts with a platform that allows them to combine their entrepreneurialism and independent spirit with a strong sense of belonging to a network and a common dedication to deliver results. This win-win strategy is what makes Minds in Action sustainable in the long term.

All of our people undergo internal assessment before being assigned. We not only care about their functional skills, we explicitly check their execution power and mindset to get things done!

Project Management

Organisations are often faced with a specific or ad-hoc need on top of their day-to-day business. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with tailor-made assistance in order to meet your objectives.


For example:

  • Development of a new market
  • Launch of a new sales channel

Sales & Marketing

Minds in Action specializes in the specific marketing and sales issues our clients might encounter. This means we have a functional focus, which we apply cross industry;- fast-moving consumer goods, information and communication and technology, media, entertainment, etc. We cover the entire business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales and marketing value chain, going from dragging business and commercial strategy to handling specific issues on innovation, communication and distribution, and commercial operations.

It is important to say that Minds in Action is not about visions and missions; it is more about translating those missions into actions by making sure that things are done the right way. We are pragmatic, hands-on and utterly unpretentious.

Areas in which we are often asked to get involved include:

Trade Marketing & Category Management

If you lack the necessary human resources, we have a number of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are perfectly capable of making a rapid transition into a temporary position in your company. As part of your team, they can complete a project for you or serve as a stand-in for a specific function – either internally or interacting with your customers.

Convincing consumers to buy your product is one thing; determining the right trade partners and convincing them to offer your products to their shoppers in the way you want your category to be offered may prove to be more of a challenge. In an environment where filling stations are turning into supermarkets, hypermarkets are competing with newsagent’s shops and everyone has to compete with the on-line marketplace, knowledge of retail partners and their shoppers is key to survival.

Our trade marketing and category management line specializes in the complex commercial relationship between manufacturer, retailer and shopper, as well as in the expertise necessary to optimize point-of-sales operations. Each of these specialties covers a number of domains where we can be of special help to your business:

Trade Marketing & Small/medium Enterprises

Minds in Action does not only focus on the big multinationals. We have extensive and very successful experience with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Modern-day society and its multi-demanding customers and highly competive markets often drive small and medium-sized enterprises towards a short-term, opportunistic corporate commercial strategy. In the short haul, this might provide the necessary turnover to survive. However, in the long run, profitable growth and sustainability is often lacking. This results in an inability to invest in innovation, face international competion and cope with pricing and margin pressures. Based on an in-depth awareness of concrete market needs and desires, Minds in Action has developed a dedicated business unit for small and medium-sized enterprises. We constantly challenge ourselves against return on investment as the key driver for the successful implementation of project management or interim management.

Belief in the effectiveness of our involvement and its value to our customer is central to the spirit of Minds in Action. We will not just go ahead and commit to a consulting or interim management project without believing deep down that we will be able to help our customer to solve a problem and thus deliver the required and desired results.

And, again, we sincerely believe in long-term business rather than short-term opportunities. Before we get started, we carefully assess a situation and/or problem in context. Working closely with the company’s management, we then propose a valuable and effective approach to tackle and overcome the challenges involved and achieve measurable results for the company. We deliver all of this without exceeding the project budget and with full monitoring of cost throughout implementation. So there will be no financial surprises!

Trade Marketing & Category Management

How to make optimal use of business-to-consumer and business-to-business websites, email marketing, the power of ‘tribes’ connected through social media, new possibilities created by mobile internet and geo-location services (the list goes on)?

Minds in Action provides interim experts or project resources to maximize your projects through an extensive network of specialists in all domains of online communication. Our no-nonsense approach starts with strategic advice and is followed up by practical, hands-on support – all of which is solidly underpinned by sound long-term vision. We do not promise your videos will go viral, nor do we focus on the number of online ‘friends’. We focus on the bolom line: seing realistic expectations, a focus on consumer conversation, and the provision of strategic advice and hands-on support.

Start working in a win-win-win context!

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If you are an independent project or interim manager, you have come to the right place.

Minds in Action wants to get the best out of you in order to provide our clients with the very best solutions. We will provide you with a platform that enables you to combine your entrepreneurialism and independent spirit with a strong sense of belonging to a network and a common dedication to deliver results. This win-win-win strategy is what makes Minds in Action sustainable in the long term. Moreover, our standard commission is between 10 and 15%, versus the industry standard of about 30%.

We provide a people, client and knowledge platform where you can rely on.

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If you have any questions about Minds in Action, or would like to discuss a challenge you are currently facing, give us a call (office +32 3 337 00 51) or drop us an email!

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